NirvanaFitness® (Breathing fitness to music)

A Nirvana class will teach you how to breathe correctly through a series of uniquely blended music accompanied by breathing sound cues telling you exactly how to breathe in a movement and simple to follow pilates/yoga based moves that will lead you to a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern
The slow and controlled movements as well as your breath work, will help you feel longer, leaner & stronger as well as leaving you feeling relaxed, grounded and present. This class is PERFECT for beginners, boomers and
those looking to reduce stress and shallow breathing. ​
There will be easy to learn modifications to choose from.

Don't take breathing for granted! Appreciate every breath.

Remember that proper breathing does not end
with a workout but extends to every aspect
of your ​life. 

​Join me on this “NEW” journey and feel 
the Nirvana experience.
Together we will make the world breathe again. 
                            Just breathe.

Please bring a yoga mat and water. No outside shoes
on the studio floor.
 This class is usually done with no 
shoes or socks. If you need to wear them for medical 
reasons, please carry in a pair of clean indoor sneakers 
​or shoes.

Classes run in 4-6 Week sessions at different locations.
Please contact me to sign up or for more info. (class has limited space)