I take a Holistic approach to help reshape the mind body & soul through a healing technique called Reiki, a breathing fitness to music class called Nirvana, a dance fitness based class called Zumba & the art of arrangement to achieve harmony & balance with Feng Shui. ALL classes have the option of being done Seated in a Chair LIVE or ONLINE through ZOOM.

Nirvana is a breathing fitness to music class that has breathing cues built in & uses slow & controlled yoga/pilates based movements that lead you to a slower, deeper breathing pattern to help reduce stress & improve overall health & wellness leaving you feeling relaxed and recharged.

Reiki is based on the principal that by channeling universal energy into a client, it activates the natural healing process of the clients body & helps to restore their physical and emotional well-being.

Zumba is a latin inspired dance fitness class based on international rhythyms. Zumba Gold as well as ALL seated classes, the focus is more on on balance, flexibility, coordination and range of motion. 

Feng Shui is the art of arrangement to achieve harmony & balance, based on the assumption the world is driven by unseen forces.