Who She Is

Carolyn Sargent is the founder of ReshapingMBS
​(mind, body, soul)

I became a fitness instructor in 2005 to reach those who needed low impact modifications since gyms seem to be geared towards the fit. Even beginner classes are still not for most “beginners”.  Especially after stress fractures to both my legs in 2010 from WAY overdoing it by teaching too many classes, as well as having an autoimmune disease, (fibromyalgia) it became even tougher to do what I loved. I also realized that I had forgotten “why” I teach. 

So after some soul searching the last few years as well as trying to find classes that suited my need for a more gentler approach, I realized if I couldn’t find what I was looking for, there must be others that are looking for the same. I hope if this resonates with you, if so, please take the time for YOU and come join us as we start on our journey together!

I am currently a certified AFAA group fitness instructor, Zumba, Nirvana ~ Ultimate body and mind system, Bellyfit, Chair one fitness, Holistic Wellness classes, and CPR Certified as well as an Usui Master Reiki practitioner and Feng Shui Consultant.

Currently Teaching 
​Zumba Gold at 10 am Mondaysat TC Passios Elementary School Gym in Lunenburg MA or
Zumba Gold at 10 am Mondays at United Parish Hall. (depending on the time of year)
Nirvana ~ Ultimate body and mind system at 3:30 pm Wednesdays at the Eagle House Senior
                     Center in Lunenburg MA
Pickleball Facilitator at 9 - 11 am Thursdays at TC Passios Elementary School Gym in Lunenburg MA

I also teach at local businesses, events, workshops and retreats.
​More classes to follow in Spring of 2020

I will be doing a few Reiki talks and mini sessions at a few locations in 2020.

For a list or to schedule one at your location, please contact Carolyn at 978-870-9196.